Private Classes

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced practitioner, private classes are an ideal way to build a safe and healthy practice adapted to your specific needs.

Why try private classes?

Whether you want to start yoga or take your practice one step further, private classes are an ideal way to build both a personalized and safe practice. Why? Because it enables you to develop a practice that is truly adapted to your physical but also mental needs.

How? During a private class you get the opportunity to better take in the fundamentals, share your doubts about alignment and personalize the practice to your own needs and abilities. We’ll design the sequences together depending on your focus. (for example: strength, flexibility, pranayama, philosophy, mantra or meditation.)

Private classes allow you to move forward more quickly. You’ll learn how to identify and treat specific conditions so you can enjoy a safe, healthy and personalized practice.

Classes can be given in Spanish, English or German, in Yogaroom or in the comfort of your own home. (ask us for more details)

You prefer to stick to general classes and enjoy the group’s stimulating atmosphere for now? We also give general classes of Hatha-Vinyasa y Shadow Yoga for both beginners and advanced students.

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Trial class
50€ general
70€ with Amelie

4 classes
180€ general
260€ with Amelie

10 classes
400€ general
600€ with Amelie