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We take advantage of the school’s quiet and intimate space to organize various events related to yoga. From workshops to master classes or even open doors, we try to diversify the activities we offer so that anyone can find a theme and format that suits.

But why should I come to these events if I already come to class? One may wonder… Well, workshops and retreats for instance stand for a great opportunity to deepen the practice and have a more personnalized approach. During a one-hour class, we can’t always stop the flow to correct or detail a conecpt or a pose the way it should. That is why it’s always complementary to participate to workshops, trainings and retreats once in a while.

They also give the space to ask and assimilate better what you do in class along with yoga’s complex concepts in general. That is why it is important for our team in Yogaroom to design an Event Planning that is diverse, offering the possibility for everyone to make a step forward in one’s understanding of yoga. Whether you’re practicing at a beginner or advanced level, you’ll find an event of your liking for sure.

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