Shadow Yoga

con Amelie Strecker

Shadow Yoga: learn from traditional Hatha Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga?

The purpose of Hatha Yoga is to realize one’s self-potential. The Shadow Yoga School teaches the ancient tradition of Hatha Yoga. Founded by Zhander Remete, the school’s teachings imply to start with this self-realization of our potential through a series of fixed forms called preludes. The preludes are meant to help in removing our natural patterns of tension; patterns that keep the breath and vital energy from flowing freely within the body. Tensions and resistances usually spring and centralize in specific zones of the body known as marma or energetical points.

Working with the preludes

Practicing the three Shadow Yoga preludes helps to raise consciousness about the marmas and give the student the tools overcome these energetical blockings. The warrior poses -viraparampara-  free the peripherical body from tensions – hips, shoulders, toes and fingertips. The sun salutations – suryanamaskar – foster the  circulation of energy through the spine.

The practice of Shadow Yoga is based on Hatha Yoga most ancient and sacred texts.

Once one has overcome the peripherical tensions through the preliminary work of the preludes, one can be considered prepared to move on to the next step and start with the practice of yoga-asana.

Regular classes – prices

  • 1 x week: 40€
  • 2 x week: 60€
  • Ilimited: 69€
  • Trial classes: 13€
  • 10 classes valid for 3 months: 85€



7:00 – 08:15h

18-19h (open to all levels)


6:45 – 8:30h  (self-practice open to students who have already been introduced to one of the three preludes)


7:00 – 08:15h

18:00 – 19:00h (open to all levels)

To attend a Shadow Yoga workshop or class please send an email to