Prices & Classes

We offer a wide range of prices and classes so you can find what suits you best

Monthly offers

(1 x 30 days)

You can start any day of the month

4 classes (1x week)
40 €

8 classes (2x week)
60 €

Ilimited classes
69 €  (49€ if you’re out of a job or a student)

Trimester offers

(3 x 30 days) 

Start whenever you want

1x week x 3 months (12 classes)
94 €

2x week x 3 months (24 classes)
154 €

Illimited classes
169 €

Yearly offers

(12 x 30 days)

You can start whenever you want during the year

1x week x 12 months (48 classes)
360 € (save 120€)

2x week x 12 months (96 classes)
570 € (save 150€)

Illimited classes
590 € (save 238€)

10 classes offer

Valid for 3 months for one person

Illimited week

Illimited trial week*
23€ ( 7 days )

Illimited week in general

Online classes


Online Trial Class

Trial week
23€ (7 days)

Trial class

Private classes
50€ / 70€

Check out our discounts if you already have a subscription. Here’s to know more.

Why choose Yogaroom?

In Yogaroom, you can enjoy a quiet and intimate space to develop a safe and healthy yoga practice at your own pace. Our team is here to support and guide you every step of the way.

We have prices for everyone and classes for all levels.

So let’s go to the mat, shall we?

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  • You’d like to know more about Shadow Yoga? Here‘s all the info you need.
  • You practice yoga at an advanced level and would like to join a Teacher Training? Discover the different Teacher Trainings we offer in Yogaroom.

* Check out our special discount if you’re out of a job or a student.