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With this gift certificate, surprise your loved ones with a gift that will bring them health, well-being and inner peace

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Why offer a gift certificate?

Why would you offer yoga classes to your loved ones? To start with, offering yoga goes beyond offering a one-hour class. When practicing yoga you also cultivate health, well-being and a deep sensation of relaxation. And who doesn’t like that, right?

We’ve all lived it at least once; this uncomfortable Chirstmas situation when you have absolutely no ideas for your presents and Christmas is approaching faster than you’d like. Moreover, it isn’t that you don’t want to make presents but you’d like your gifts to be tasteful and liked by the person who’ll receive them. Well, in this particular case, yoga seems like a safe choice as you’ll be offering the people you love a relaxing and healthy experience. The truth is, we could all use one, right?

This will be an opportunity for them to take a first step towards the infinite universe of yoga and get to know a little bit better what it is, which benefits it can bring you. If you offer them various classes in our school, they’ll be able to try Hatha-Vinyasa as well as Shadow Yoga. Looking forward to Christmas now, don’t you?