Open talk and Shadow Yoga workshop

Zurich, Switzerland

12-14th April with Amelie Strecker

(teacher featured on the Shadow Yoga website)


Friday 12th April, 19-20h

Join us for a free talk on classical Hatha Yoga and the Shadow Yoga approach.

Saturday 13th April, 8-10h & 16-18h

Open to all

Shadow Yoga workshop that will focus on preparatory movements such as: Charanas, Vyayamas, Sthanas, Bandha, Mudra and Asana.

Join us to discover a subtle and internal practice.

The workshop is designed for all levels of students. The practice will provide good blood circulation, strengthening of the bones and help us become aware of the blockages in our bodies. The teachings are based on the understanding of Ayurveda and chinese medicine and consequently the aproach is of a holistic nature. Massage therapists or people with background in martial or healing arts are usually drawn to the efficient sequences that Shadow Yoga offers.

If you want to find out more about Shadow Yoga and Nrtta Sadhana you can read about the founders here:  


Friday 12th April


Saturday 13th April

8-10h & 16-18h

Booking / 0034 600810741

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