Your very first step towards teaching hatha-vinyasa yoga

200H Teacher Training in Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga, Level 1

Certified by Yoga Alliance 200h (year 1)+ 300h (year 2)

Enjoy illimited yoga classes in the school during the first year of training (online and face-to-face) to better take in everything we’ll see during the teacher training.

This Teacher Training is the first step towards teaching your own Hatha-Vinyasa classes

During this first year of Training, we’ll focus on understanding the basics of modern yoga, respecting at the same time the ancient roots of its traditional form.

This Teacher Training is meant to strenghten both your practice and understanding of yoga. It’ll help you deepen your own practice so you can build the necessary abilities to teach, later on, your own yoga classes.

Our way of teaching is interactive, not always conventional, but always rooted in what one can experience as a yoga teacher and practitioner. We build and learn to take advantage from the group’s dynamic.

The teachings include methods of introspective analysis about ourselves such as having a diary of practice where we write down asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation

The first year of training is meant to help students who are willing to go further as well as confirmed teachers who are willing to refresh their knowledge and ways of teaching yoga.

Which Yoga style will you learn in Yogaroom?

We teach you how to flow, going in and out of asanas (poses), synchronizing the movements of the body and breath. Here, the idea is to work towards the so-called connection between our physical and energetical bodies. You’ll learn to listen and use the natural movement of the body through the breath to nurture your practice. The training also focus on alignment, bandha and dristhi to help you develop both consciousness and integrity. We try to build a conscious and connected way to practice yoga. To this extent, we don’t use music so we can truly listen to our own inner sounds and silence.

What will you learn with this Teacher Training?

  • how to guide your students though a safe and healhty practice thanks to structured and well-thought classes (anatomy, philosophy, biomechanical)
  • learn to become an authentic yoga teacher (developing your own way of teaching, finding your tone of voice, understanding your responsibilities towards the students, etc.)
  • apply the guidelines provided by sacred texts such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras or the Bhagavad Gita, both in classes and in life.
  • live according to yogic principles, learning from Ayurveda, diet management and cleansing techniques.
  • know how to adapt poses and practices for students with special needs (pregnancy, menstruation, back pain, etc.)
  • yoga marketing (how to promote your classes, workshops, events, etc.)
  • and so much more! (our standards respect the standards of International Yoga Alliance and our school is certified RYS-200)

Let’s hear from former students!

Read Laura Ruiz’s interview here, 2013-14 promotion and certified yoga teacher by Yogaroom

“I loved this training. I would do it again in a heart-beat. I really feel like I’ve learned a lot, learning to go deeper in my own practice and to better listen to my specific needs when comes the time to practice.”

— Viviana

“This training has been a revelation and a real turning point for me. I experienced moments of great clarity but also moments of doubts. Altogether, they have strengthened my will to continue exploring and learning about myself with the help of this incredible millennial practice.”

— Mar

“Being taught by Amelie Strecker turned out to be a wonderful surprise. We are very grateful for her teachings that were part innovative and part traditionnal, bearing every step of the way a great respect for traditionnal yoga. She was very present and, at the same time, she gave us the space for self-realization and growth. This is, without a doubt, a training we would do again. We recommend it for any student willing to know more about yoga.”

— Sofi & Eu

“Being taught my Amelie during this training has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I feel truly grateful to be able to continue my journey as a certified yoga teacher. I am still learning so much everytime I practice with her… She never stops surprising me!”

— Anneloes

Year 1

October 2021-June 2022

Open to all!

2050€* – before 1/08/2021
2250€* –  after 1/08/2021


2021: 9/10.10, 30/31.10, 13/14.11., 4/5.12.

2022: 15/16.1, 19/20.2, 26/27.3, 30/1.5,

28/29.5, 4/5.6.

Year 2

October 2021-June 2022

open to students having completed level 1 (200h)
(yoga retreat in Catalonia included)

1700€ – until 1/07/2021
1850€ – after 1/07/2021

(2 consultations of 30min with Amelie. Classes in Yogaroom not included. Differed payment: 1950€)

Year 3

October 2022-June 2023

open to students who completed level 1 (200h)
(yoga retreat in Catalonia included)

1700€ – before 1/07/2022
1850€ – after 1/07/2022

(2 consultations of 30min with Amelie. Classes in Yogaroom not included. Differed payment: 1950€)


You can opt to pay on a monthly basis or every trimester for a total price of 2350€

(for instance: September: 350€ initial price and octuber-may monthly payment: 250€)

*The price for the first year includes: illimited classes in Yogaroom from October 2021 to June 2022, and the cost for Yogaroom’s printed manual


Our diploma is certified by Yoga Alliance (RYT-200h & 300h ), a regulatory institution certifying yoga teachers worldwide.

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