Introducción al Shadow Yoga, Palma de Mallorca, 5-7 de Julio

Introducción al Shadow Yoga, RETIRO URBANO


Palma de Mallorca, 5-7 de Julio

con Amelie Strecker



This workshop will introduce you to the first prelude, Balakrama “stepping into strength”. The classes will cover the warm-up, coordination movement and breath, basic stances (sthanas), uddiyana bandha and surya namaskar (sun salutation). It´s open to all yoga practitioners of other schools and students new to shadow yoga.






viernes: 18:00-20:00h Related image

sabádo: 08:00-10:00h / 17:00-19:00h 

domingo: 08:00-10:00h 


price: includes the cost of the course, excludes: transport and other costs 

early bird: till 15th of june: 160€ (incl. 21% iva)

after that: 180€ (incl. 21% iva)


location: Josep Rover Motta, 12, 3-1, Palma de Mallorca  (old town, a un minuto de la playa) 


booking: / 600810741