Class Levels

Yogaroom Class Levels

Level 1

In Level 1 we practice basic asana (postures) and vinyasa (flowing sequences), such as standing postures and sun salutations, in a calm flow. You will learn correct alignment for the postures. It’s always good to return to the fundamentals, giving yourself time to develop your strength and flexibility.

Level 1-2

Classes open to everybody. The teacher will adapt each class to the level of the students.

Level 2

In Level 2 we practice more complex vinyasa and postures, while integrating preparations for inversions and arm balances. We recommend you participate in these classes if you have practiced at least a year of classes at Level 1.

Level 2-3IMG_6048

Flowing classes in which we practice advanced postures with the attitude of a beginner. They are appropriate for students who have developed a personal yoga practice over some years and who enjoy a physical challenge while exploring the limitations of their mind. These classes include the practice of pranayama, mudra, meditation and chanting.

Private classes

A class dedicated to your personal needs, doubts and difficulties. It’s an excellent way to advance in your personal practice and learn more specifically about your body, mind and emotions.

Price: between 40-60€, depending on the teacher.
There is a dicount for a package of 4 or 10 classes.